Health & Wellness


Health & Wellness CoalitionPriorities discussion on 3/21/23

Bullying – report/results, admin. to review information across school buildings

Social/Emotional Learning, training needed

Parent Support Groups, including:

ADHD, special education, general parenting classes, DASA/anti-bullying

Physical Health and Wellness

Training for teachers

Dealing with Trauma

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Curriculum & Instruction

Cross-curricular opportunities – time to plan for teachers

Parenting classes on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Increased communication from agency partners and Family Support Center

Physical & Mental Wellness

Continued use of support staff for victims

Classroom conversations about bullying (proactive conversations & restorative circles)

Student voice & leadership

Safe walking

Spaces outside for students

Understanding and communication of Bullying/Conflict Resolution to parents: process, outcomes, confidentiality, safety plans

Parent/classes/trainings including support for after hours – (example: Restorative Practices, Book Study Groups, How to Support Child’s Emotional Well-being)

TRAUMA informed teacher training

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum district-wide with an anti-bullying component

Student survey – student voice and student inclusion in opportunities

Code of Conduct and Athletic Code of Conduct needs awareness, consistency, and updating

Digital citizenship in K-12 curriculum (social media concerns)

Outdoor fitness/clubs [ANY FITNESS!] including nutrition

Health and Wellness Coalition April 24, 2023

Physical & Mental Wellness

1)      Student survey/voice & student inclusion opportunities

2)      Student leadership opportunities

3)      Safe spaces

4)      Nutrition/School Meals

5)      Walking Club/Lunch Enrichment

6)      Activity/program access for all students, with potential for early and late buses for intramurals and other activities that occur outside the school day.

Curriculum and Instruction: April – August 2023: Update code of conduct and athletic code of conduct ensuring consistency and awareness

 2023-2024 Board Advisory Team (BAT)

1) Trauma-informed teacher/staff training

2)      SEL Building curriculum and identify essentials/resources

3)      Digital citizenship K-12 curriculum (SOCIAL MEDIA)

4)      Website communications for FSC to families:

·         Agency partners

·         Opportunities

·         Offerings

·         Resources

Community Building & Positive Student Rapport

A.     Parent Communication, Support & Classes

1)      Diagnosis/students w/504 & IEP

2)      Social media & student safety

3)      “Parenting” classes – specific to needs

4)      Home/school connection – “how to get your kid to….”

5)      Mental Health/Emotional Wellness

Action Steps

-Survey Parents for high interest/concern topics

-Create list of speakers


B.     Conflict Resolution

1)      Streamline reporting & communication process K-12

2)      Dropdown for if student/parent wants follow-up OR wants to remain confidential (if this is possible, then add to Sprigeo)

3)      What is the outcome?  Transparency

Action Steps

-Have data available to the Board

-Develop & communicate K-12 plan (parents & students)