The Capital Project was approved by voters:

  • YES = 219 (65.8%) 

  • NO = 114 (34.2%)

Our team would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Endicott community for supporting the capital project.  Your endorsement of this project highlights the shared commitment to the enhancement of our facilities, ensuring improved safety, security and the overall wellbeing of our students, faculty, and the broader community.


Nicole Wolfe

Capital Project Information

2023 Capital Project Referendum

The 2023 Capital Project referendum is 11 a.m.-8 p.m., Tuesday, December 12, with the polling location at the U-E District Office. 

A public hearing will take place at the Board meeting on Monday, December 4th at LWW School.

This $23,000,000 proposed project addresses several safety and facilities upgrades with no additional tax impact to the community. Some safety upgrades include public address (PA) system replacements at all schools, fire alarm replacements, and fencing/door replacements.  Some facilities upgrades include renovations to some of our elementary libraries, health office, and high school band room, as well as turf infields for baseball/softball, and tennis/track recoating/resurfacing.  Additional sitework is proposed to take place with sidewalk replacements and playground replacement/asphalt play area replacement at some of our schools. In addition, we are proposing two electric bus charging stations at the bus garage.

A listing of proposed improvements by building and phase is below, with the full scope available on our website.  We appreciate your consideration of this referendum which utilizes 89% NYS building aid and 2.9M from capital reserves. There is no additional tax impact to this project.

December 12, 2023 Referendum at the District Office, 1100 E. Main Street, Endicott, NY

  • This capital project addressing needs across all district buildings is funded from various sources:

    • State Aid will fund the majority of the project; the District’s building aid ratio is 89%

    • $2.9M will be used from the Capital Reserve

    • The District has retiring debt service of $200,000/year that will offset some of the new debt service

phase 1 and 2

Scope of work

Click here to view a comprehensive list of the work that will be completed during this project.

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