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Boot camp for the brain
Planks, jumping jacks, skipping, and push-ups would normally describe a gym class. Well at JFS, it’s an English class and it is Grammar Boot Camp! 

Emily Hungarter, special education teacher and Dina Barney, literacy/AIS teacher, used a boot camp format to get their seventh- and eighth-grade students engaged in the language and writing standards as part of their modified English class. 

Each day students do a different warm-up to get ready to learn! Students jump start their thinking by starting each class with a physical activity such as adverb/verb charades, a grammar agility course, and a spinning wheel where fitness tasks are chosen randomly. Other activities include, differentiating different types of sentences, practicing parts of speech, finding types of sentences in books and magazines, and a life-size board game for review. 

There are approximately 30 students between both our grade levels.