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Student-athletes receive accolades
Iron Tigers
Congratulations to Jon Jennings, Emily Roma and Krystin Wasser on receiving special accolades for their work and effort on and off the field.
For the third year, U-E Athletics named two student athletes as Tiger Iron Athletes of the Year, Jon and Emily. 
U-E student athletes through United Health Services (UHS) participate in various workouts geared toward their respective sports, including training in the off-season.

Run by UHS strength and conditioning coach Andrew Long, the program provides students with sports-specific training programs as well as the necessary tools to lead a physically active and healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Besides working hard and being committed to physical fitness, U-E Iron Athletes must also exemplify four principles for a positive physical culture: 
-Embrace: accepting of your situation and what is to come. Know you are going to work hard.
-Relentless: continuing and persevering no matter what happens. You will finish.
-Integrity: the difference between what you say and do. Lead by example.  
-Service: sacrificing for the people around you. Everything you do is for the team, school, and community.
New this year is the Tiger Intern of the Year, which was awarded to Krystin Wasser.

Five seniors participated in this program where students spent the year learning how to coach and connect with middle school student-athletes. Working alongside Long, students learned about coaching techniques and practices, and in turn, how to use that knowledge in training groups. The award goes to the intern who showed outstanding ability in learning and working with the modified training groups.

Seniors are selected by Long based on their commitment to excellence as students and athletes.