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Cases 1/13 No Impact
The district was notified of confirmed COVID-19 cases, all with no impact.
  • 5 Students and 1 Teacher, no impact (AGM)
  • 1 Student, no impact (GFJ)
  • 1 Student, no impact (TJW)
  • 2 Students and 1 Staff, no impact (LWW)
  • 8 Students, 1 Staff and 2 Teachers, no impact (JFS)
  • 2 Students, no impact (UEHS)
As mentioned in a previous message, there are several reasons why a case might be "no impact."  The reasons vary, from (1) the student/staff member was not in school at the onset of symptoms, (2) the DOH protocols were met throughout the school day, or (3) the potential close contacts were vaccinated.