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Tiger Ventures visits local roastery
Tiger Ventures students recently took a field trip to Java Joe’s Roastery in Binghamton, a hands-on entrepreneurial experience.
Tiger Ventures students are in the learning stages of creating their own café. Java Joe’s vice president Eric Cole invited the students to the roastery to gain an understanding of the farm-to-table process regarding coffee, world trade, marketing, rebranding, finance, logistics, and more. 
Students toured the roastery and learned about the “artistic science” behind roasting, as well as the issues coffee farmers face today. 
Cole talked with students about how to start a business, ways in which they could implement their ideas to better serve their customers, and how to implement their ideas. 
Lastly, the students were able to do hands-on coffee production and packaging and were able to take some samples in which they put their own “value add” to the finished product.
Cole said, “As community members, we should always look for opportunities to engage with our youth in positive ways. We count ourselves very fortunate to be able to work with the students from Tiger Venture. During the months of our collaboration, the value of projects like these is evident in the students' pride, enthusiasm, and feeling of accomplishment!”