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UEHS graduate receives grant funds for high school
At its recognition ceremony, the BOE recognized UEHS Class of 2021 graduate Brianna Attey Mouanjo for her continued work on the  implementation of the UEHS Diversity Café.  
While a freshman at Georgetown University, Bri applied for and received an America’s Promise grant in the amount of $300 which was also matched by an anonymous donor, for a total of $600 for the café.
As a student at U-E, Bri hosted a series of conversations during school lunch hours with students, staff, and local law enforcement on race and reconciliation. In response to these conversations, as well as the Board’s commitment to supporting the UEHS Diversity Club, the district began planning a space with a relaxed environment for all high school students to work, meet and continue conversations on topics important to them. Plans were created for the Diversity Café, a café for all students, and it is scheduled to open at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year.
Thank you, Bri for your continued support of UEHS! #AlwaysATiger #TigerPride