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JFS student published
Meadow with magazineMeadow Kapczynski, an eighth grader at JFS, had her short story, “Confidence,” published in the September edition of the San Francisco-based “Conceit Magazine.”  

The story centers on a young girl, Annabella, who moves to a new city and struggles to regain her confidence in unfamiliar surroundings. Annabella’s success in gymnastics helps her prevail over self-doubt. “In this story I wanted to express the concept that people needn’t be afraid to try new things and that believing in yourself is the key to success,” Meadow said.    

Meadow’s story was a project for the creative writing unit in her seventh grade English class.  Students are asked to write a 2,000 word short story.  They then use the resource book Short Story Writer’s Marketplace to pick the magazine that they feel is most likely to publish their work. The students write a cover letter pitching their story to the magazine’s editor and mail the story to the magazine. Success for most students involves receiving a letter from the magazine’s editor offering encouragement, but Meadow exceeded expectations by having her story published.

“I truly appreciate the opportunity to write my own original story and then learn the steps needed to have my work published,” said Meadow.  “I feel honored to be able to join the ranks of published authors at such a young age.”

Conceit Magazine’s editor, Perry Terrell, sang Meadow’s praises saying, “I look forward to reading more of Meadow's work soon!”