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Tiger Ventures Innovation Institute
At its Innovation Institute, Tiger Ventures hosted a number of area educators, business owners, and community members to discuss, engage and learn about different ways to rethink high school, to rethink economics and to rethink how our schools teach students.





Topics of discussion included how to create innovative schools, enhancing an innovative workplace culture, 21st century community schools, changing the landscape in leadership, and preparing students for new economies. New York State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia discussed ways the state and federal education departments are working to help guide and support schools across the state, both in curriculum and professional development, and assessments.

The idea behind the program is to start the conversations on growing the local economy by changing and redirecting how students are educated to meet education standards as well as be prepared for what lies ahead in their adult life.

Tiger Ventures hopes to host more programs like this as it continues to offer students and businesses new ways to learn and grow.