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UEHS Music students in all-state
Sam and Emily posing for photoAlthough there are many honors, recognitions and achievements for a New York State music student, the highest honor is probably being a member of an ensemble in NYSSMA Conference All-State and two UEHS students achieved that honor.
Emily West  (Alto II - Treble Chorus) and Sam Battestin (Tenor I – Mixed Chorus) were selected and will be performing  November 30-December 3 in Rochester, NY.

A performing member at NYSSMA All-State is considered to be one of the best student musicians in the country. The “road” to All-State is long and requires a lot of preparation, planning and practice. A student must first be well-prepared and highly competent on their solo instrument: band, string or voice, and be in grades 10 or 11 at the time of their audition. The student must prepare an All-State level solo – the highest level of difficulty – selected from the NYSSMA manual. The student performs that solo at a NYSSMA Solo Competition in front of a specially selected All-State judge. In most cases, the student must receive an A+ (97-100) on their solo in order to qualify for All-State. Next, the student must then sight-read music that he/she has never seen before. After receiving their high score, the student must then be recommended by the music teacher of their primary ensemble. The teacher addresses technique, tone quality, citizenship, maturity and several other areas, and the student must be currently participating in their primary ensemble. Most students who achieve NYSSMA All-State have spent years working on their solo instrument; taking private lessons, participating in previous NYSSMA Solo festivals, performing in many concerts and rehearsing a lot! UEHS Choral and Vocal Music Director Jim Gleason said, “Being selected for NYSSMA Conference All-State is a “crowning achievement” for a New York Public School music student.”