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Scholar-athlete teams named
Congratulations to the following spring sports teams that qualified as state Scholar-Athlete Teams: 
Varsity Boys Tennis:  10 students-GPA-97.5
Varsity Girls Tennis:  16 students-GPA-96.31
Varsity Girls Track & Field:  15 students-GPA-95.7
Varsity Softball 10 students-GPA-94.9
Varsity Baseball:  12 students-GPA-94.8
Varsity Girls Lacrosse:  12 students-GPA-94.8
Varsity Golf:  14 students-GPA 93.5
Varsity Boys Track & Field: 24 students -GPA-92.08 

Congratulations to the following boys lacrosse players who qualified as individual scholar-athletes: Matthew Maher, Nalo Pascall, Nicholas DiMaria, Roberto Cipolla, and Antonio Cipolla.