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Collecting coins for kindness
CFJ first-grade students in Jessica Carl’s class have been learning about kindness. To help further their understanding of what kindness is, Ms. Carl and her students invited the entire building to participate in a coin drive for the Super Cooper “Coins for Kindness” campaign.
CFJ partnered with Super Cooper Saves the Day Inc. to raise money to help local families impacted by childhood cancer. Collection tubs were distributed to all classrooms at a school-wide assembly, and classes collected coins throughout the month of February. Along with recognizing students who demonstrated forgiveness during the building-wide February VIT assembly, classes emptied their collection tubs into the school-wide collection. With daily encouragement during morning announcements, teamwork, and collaboration, several classes filled more than one collection tub each!
The Cooperpalooza Carnival was held this past weekend and it was announced that CFJ raised the most coins of all the schools that participated with a total of $680.79! A total of $6,438.30 was raised by all participating schools. Ms. Carl's student Joseph, who was friends with Cooper, said, "We collected coins for kids who have cancer and have to go through hard things. It makes my heart get bigger and brighter to help."
Great job CFJ!