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Students learn about goats
Students in all four elementary buildings had the chance to meet CeCe and Gena the goats! As part of Ag in the Classroom Cornell Cooperative Extension, (CCE) Ag in the Classroom educators visited our schools to teach students about goats.
Students learned where goats live, how to take care of them, what they eat, and some interesting facts about this farm animal such as they have four stomach compartments, only teeth on the bottom, eyes that see well in the night, horns for protection, and that they love to play!  The students all got a chance to pet the goats and touch their horns! 
Ag in the Classroom educators works with participating school districts to develop an individualized curriculum and implementation plan to bring agriculture concepts into the classrooms in connection with the educational goals and standards of the district.
The Ag in the Classroom curriculum covers a range of educational topics including exploring food and nutrition, natural resources, conservation, farming, consumer choices, stewardship, human populations, and land use issues. Curriculum lessons and activities address language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies concepts to align with New York State Learning Standards.