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Freshman performs with BU orchestra
Recently UEHS freshman Eamonn Hubert performed with the Binghamton University Explorchestra, a student-run university club. They exclusively perform compositions written by students and each year they hold a composer’s competition.
Kevin Bill, UEHS music teacher, encouraged Eamonn to enter. He submitted “11,” the same one that was selected by the NYSSMA Call for Electronic Compositions last year. Written for multiple guitars, the Explorchestra president said they didn't have enough guitarists to play it as it was originally scored, so they asked if Eamonn could rearrange it for the orchestra instruments they do have.
Eamonn went to work, rewriting the music for violin, cello, drums, guitar, piano, and timpani. He then played all five instruments himself and recorded 12 separate tracks using the ”Soundtrap” program that Mr. Bill taught students to use during hybrid teaching. Eamonn sent those 12 tracks as well as the complete song with all the tracks together.
The Explorchestra students then transcribed everything using special software and learned the song. The performance is on FB.