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Broome County Health Department
Jason T. Garnar, County Executive  ·  Mary M. McFadden, Interim Director of Public Health  
On December 23rd, 2021 NYSDOH released “Test to Stay (TTS) Update: Revised Updated Testing Quarantine Supplemental Information to the “Interim NYSDOH Guidance for Classroom Instruction in P-12 Schools During the 2021-2022 Academic Year.”
There are a few key differences between the update and the previous document issued December 3rd, 2021. In the interest of efficiency, we have summarized what remains the same between these two documents and what has changed.
The following items remain the same:
  1. Test to Stay must be adopted on the county level.
  2. Each district must have a written policy for their TTS program.
  3. Participants in the TTS program are still subject to quarantine in all other areas and are restricted to instructional activities only. They may not take part in extra-curricular activities, sports, before- or after-school care.
  4. Only contacts who are asymptomatic may participate. If at any time a contact becomes sick, they may not return to school until they have been officially released from quarantine by BCHD.
The following items are additions or changes in the most recent NYSDOH TTS guidance:
  1. Test to stay may apply to both students and staff.
  2. TTS is limited to those whose only exposure was during school activities. Schools will continue to provide BCHD with lists of contacts. Contacts exposed through household, healthcare, or other settings will not be eligible for TTS. If a contact was exposed in another setting in addition to a school, the contact will not be allowed to return to school until they are officially released from quarantine by BCHD.
  3. There must be a minimum of 3 tests done, each on a separate day in the first 7 days of someone’s quarantine period before school begins, with the first test taking place as soon as possible. If a person is not aware of their exposure until day 6 of their quarantine period, they will not have time to perform the minimum number of tests and therefore may not return to school until they have been officially released from quarantine by BCHD.
  4. Over the Counter (OTC) tests can be used. Schools must be able to record and report OTC tests done at homes on their NYS Report Card. Positive tests can be reported to BCHD at https://redcap.vanderbilt.edu/surveys/?s=94M8XAA49NFENFDE
  5. Students participating in TTS may ride the school bus to and from school. However, if a school is providing tests on site and the student tests positive, the school must be able to transport the student back to their home (not on a school bus with other children who have not tested positive.)
Please remember that schools will be responsible for keeping track of which students or staff should be tested and when. They will be responsible for ensuring that those tests are performed and results received before the school day begins. They will be responsible for reporting all tests on their NYS Report Card.

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