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Junior builds bat houses for project

Bat house built by Josh.

One UEHS student combined his passion for nature and his pride in being a U-E Tiger and developed an Eagle Scout project to benefit the environment around his former elementary school. Junior Joshua Monforte wanted to educate others about the importance of bats in our environment.
After receiving approval from the district, Josh began planning his project to build bat houses that would be placed along the walking paths and by the fields at GFJ. 
Josh said, through his research on the important role bats play in the environment, that educating others about bats was a driving force in his decision to build the bat houses. “Oftentimes, bats are associated with diseases. I want to inform others on the life of a bat, the types of bats in our local ecosystem, and the benefits of bats in insect control.”
He said the houses are important in supporting bats, which have been severely impacted by the changing environment. The bat houses will provide opportunities to learn about the conservation of the species and help bring attention to the plight of bats and why they are vital to our ecosystem.
Josh chose the area surrounding GFJ because is the elementary school he attended, adding, “I have a personnel connection to the school. During my time at GFJ, teachers would take our classes out to walk and explore. I really enjoyed the time outside and the chance to interact with nature.”
Josh hopes that the bat houses will provide teaching opportunities for years to come as well as a permanent home for a bat colony. 
Josh is scheduled to get final approval for the project and receive his Eagle Scout in late summer or early fall. Thank you, Josh, for this wonderful gift to the school and to the bats!

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