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Union-Endicott Central School District News Article

Students honor veterans

In recognition of Veterans Day, fourth- and fifth-grade students at CFJ and TJW took time to honor veterans with a brief assembly.
At both buildings, a white table was set up and the book, “America’s White Table” was read by teachers. While the book was read, local veterans placed symbolic items on the white table. As part of history lessons, teachers read the book to students in class, discussed the purpose of Veterans Day, and why it is observed as a holiday. Students learned about different traditions to honor veterans and the meaning behind the symbols placed on the table.
At CFJ, UEHS Class of 2020 graduate Kathleen DeLage, Army Reserves, and Gary Broadbent, Air National Guard veteran and fifth-grade teacher Melissa McNamara’s father, helped with the white table.
At TJW, principal Bob Maraski, who is a Marine veteran, talked about Veteran’s Day and what it means to him. He also shared a slide show of local veterans who served in different branches of the armed forces.
Back in classrooms, students wrote messages to veterans and placed them on the white table. The notes and cards will be delivered to local veterans. 

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