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Archery unit offers unique learning for Tiger Ventures students

Students in Tiger Ventures participated in a unique P.E. class during the archery unit.
Students learned about the health benefits of archery, including increased heart health, muscle strengthening, hand/eye coordination, increased concentration, and stress relief. They studied its history, games, competitions, and scoring.
Before even handling the equipment, each student was required to go through a detailed safety course that included procedures and strict rules and guidelines. Once students demonstrated an understanding of this unit and the safety guidelines, they signed a contract to participate.
The signed contract allowed students to begin learning about the equipment, how to inspect it for safety, taking care of it, and proper handling. Then students went onto the range where they were able to practice. P.E. teacher Teresa McKinney and student-teacher Frank D’Esti supervised all students and ensured all rules were being adhered to.
This unit offered an array of learning opportunities including discipline, safety, following rules, health, and physical benefits of this activity, along with enjoying time outside learning something new.
McKinney said, “We are so proud of our students here at Tiger Ventures. They enjoy trying new activities and are not afraid to step outside their comfort zone. Mr. D’Esti did a great job in planning this unit and our students have done so well with following the guidelines and expectations that he implemented. Many students are now interested in pursuing archery beyond P.E., so we are exploring our community resources to make that happen.”
Thank you to the entire Tiger Ventures team for providing this unique opportunity to our students.  

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