World of Work

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World of Work

World of Work

<center>What Is The Class About?<center>


This is a half-year course offered to all students in any grade. 

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the world of work by understanding its relevance in our society. We will explore the world of work from both the view of an employee, and that of an organization. The course will center on students understanding the world of work so they are able to see their place and responsibility in an organization, both small and large. Also, students will learn about topics that go along with having a job such as their paycheck, insurace, banking, and credit. Students will do case studies and justify what to do with a given situation. At the end of the class students will also have a chance to explore careers and get an idea of fields of interest that may match their desires.



       Unit 1. Introduction of Business


  1. Business Ownership

  2. Profit

  3. Economics

  4. Consumerism/Marketing


    Unit 2. Savings and Investing


  5. Banking and Credit

  6. Saving and Investing Money

  7. Insuring against Loss


    Unit 3. More Personal Finance


  8. Your Paycheck

  9. Taxes

  10. Social Security


    Unit 4. Preparing for Work


  11. Looking for a Job

  12. Applying for a Job

  13. Interviewing for a Job


    Unit 5. Working on the Job


  14. Beginning the Job

  15. Expectations of Employers

  16. Worker Rights and Protections

  17. Human Relations at Work


    Unit 6. Career Exploration


      Mini-Project on possible careers the students fine interesting.

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