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Mission Statement
Our classroom will be a safe place where all students will be encouraged to try their very best, to take risks in order to learn and grow, and to become self-advocates  and responsible citizens.
It is my absolute pleasure to work with my students every day. If any parent or student has a concern or question, please feel free to contact me at: [email protected] or 757-2156. 

Weekly Homework

Please check Mr. Zimmer's teacher page. Thank you!

Homework Resources
From alliteration to personification, it's all in here!
Learn from your own mistakes!
Study Smarter by Using your Learning Preference!

School Closing ~ Enrichment Assignments (Ungraded)

Here are some things to keep you busy! Please Note: These assignments are optional and will NOT be graded.
Use your book or find the selections online for the readings listed below. 
Study guides and more!
This is a story is an adventure story featuring a mongoose! There is a cute animated video (check You Tube) you can watch after reading!
Want to learn more about a mongoose? Read this article!
This is a fictional story that looks at inter-generational relationships and culture. After reading, you might want to look up information, pictures, and video about Chinese foot binding.
Check out this true story about a reporter learning about snakes. I didn't think I would like this non-fiction article, but I find myself thinking about it a lot! Give it a try!
Journal Topics!
Use your Writer's Notebook! Chronicle your time away from school, react to news articles, write a fantasy story, compose a play!

Quizizz Link

1. Go to the Quizizz main page and choose "Find a quiz."
2. Type in "Literary Terms".
3. Try one or more of the existing games to practice for the exam. 

Quote to Note!

"How wonderful it is
that nobody need wait
a single minute
before starting to
improve the world
--Anne Frank
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Wish List

Tissues, tissues, and more tissues!  :)
Cough drops


agenda book
writer's notebook
ind. reading book
Being organized and prepared is the
KEY to success!
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