The Holocaust - Daniel's Story Web Activity

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The Holocaust - Daniel's Story Web Activity

Children - The Youngest Victims  

Through this Web activity, students will try to understand why the Nazis wanted to exterminate all Jewish children. Students will understand why they wanted to enslave, kidnap, or exterminate the children of Poland and Eastern Europe. Students will further understand the extent to which the Holocaust made adolescence even more difficult. Finally, students will also examine why Hitler wanted to kill the youth, how he carried this out, and visually see the cruelty of his acts.

1. What were some of the injustices and cruelties that children were exposed to during the Holocaust?  

Children - A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust  

2. Look at the pictures from the next site and describe how the rule of Hitler and The Nazis impact children.  

Children - Holocaust Encyclopedia  

3.  Using this Web site select several children in hiding and discuss how The Holocaust impact their life.  

Stories of the Hidden Children - Simon Jeruchim, etc. - US Holocaust Memorial Museum

4.  Select three artifacts from the Artifact Gallery and describe what they were. 

Artifact Gallery - Life in the Shadows: Hidden Children and the Holocaust - US Holocaust Memorial Museum  

Artifact #1

Artifact #2

Artifact # 3  

5.  Use this interactive map to see what a concentration camp looked like. Click onto several sites and write down some of the main areas that made up the camp.  

Birkenau Map - Cybrary of the Holocaust  

Birkenau Concentration Camps - Cybrary of the Holocaust

Virtual Tour of Auschwitz - Birkenau
Click on Map number 1 through 17 to see different areas. Click on the "Large" link below the image to make it larger and move target on each image to explore the location from different perspectives.

6. Use the interactive map to see how the Holocaust impact the life of the child. This is the story of Abe. Write down some information about his journey.  

Abe's Story Interactive Map - Cybrary of the Holocaust

Abe’s Story:

1.Early Winter 1939-

2.Exploring the Kutno Ghetto- Winter 1939

3. Garfingal and Abe Walking to Krosniewice, Late Fall 1940-

4. Cattle Cars to Camp Hartz and Auschwitz  

5.   Passenger Cars to Camp Dretz, Feb 1942  

6.Cattle Cars to Auschwitz: April 1943- January 1945

7.   The Death March- Late Jan-March 1945

8.   Open Railroad Car to Buchenwald- March 1945

9.Liberation of Buchenwald, April 1945, 3:15 pm

7. Use the Then and Now site to discuss what life was like for prisoners in Auschwitz.

Then and Now - Cybrary of the Holocaust

8. Look at the pictures of ghetto life. Describe what ghetto life was like for children and families.

Photos: The Warsaw Ghetto II - A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

Photos: Life in Other Ghettos - A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust 

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