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Payday / Snow Day
When school is unexpectedly closed for an emergency such as snowy or icy road conditions, employees can pick up paychecks at the District Office between the hours of 10:00 A.M. & 1:00 P.M.
Direct Deposit

You may have your paycheck sent directly to any institution of your choice. 

You can use the Direct Deposit Authorization Form provided by the District. The form requires your signature to be processed. Some banks or credit unions require that the entire amount of your paycheck must be deposited to the bank or credit union of your choice. There are no limitations on the number of employees who must use a certain institution to be included.

Federal and State Income Withholdings
You can file a new W-4 withholding form at any time. You can print the form (as well as the state withholding form IT-2104) from this web site or you can request the form from the Personnel Office. The completed form should be sent via interschool mail to Payroll at the Central Business Office. Changes will generally take effect on the next pay day after the form is received.

By filing a W-4 form, your federal and state withholding tax will change. If you want to change only your state withholding tax, file an IT-2104.

Payroll Deduction Schedule

HEALTH INSURANCE- Employee contributions for health insurance begin with the second pay in September and end with the second pay in June.

TAX SHELTERS- Employees who work less than 12 months per year have deductions for tax shelters begin with the first teacher payroll (Payroll #6) and continue through the first payroll in June. Deductions are made over 20 pay periods. Twelve month employees have a choice having deductions taken from their paychecks over 20 pay periods or they may choose to spread the deductions over 26 pay periods.

UNION DUES- Deductions for NYSUT dues begins with the first teacher pay in September and continues for 20 pay periods. Local dues deductions vary from group to group.

UNITED WAY- Begins with the first pay period in January and continues for ten pay periods.

VOTE-COPE- Deductions are taken over two pay periods, usually beginning in late January.

Pay Dates
Pay dates are alternate Thursdays throughout the year. Exceptions to the Thursday pay day usually occur just prior to holiday breaks such as Thanksgiving, Winter Recess, or Spring Recess.
Pay Distribution Options
Only those who work year round can be paid throughout the year.  However, depending on your bargaining unit, you may have the ability to have a portion of your pay withheld during the school year, and then disbursed to you in your final pay. The choice of a payroll plan must be made prior to September.  You will remain in whatever plan you choose until you notify us that you want to change.  Please see below for additional information and appropriate forms.
U.S. Savings Bonds
Purchase of U.S. Savings Bonds can be made via payroll deduction. Employees must first go to the website to enroll at:

Contact Payroll at the Central Business Office for information about purchasing U.S. Savings Bonds on a regular basis through payroll deductions. Learn more about the US Savings Bonds program by visiting

Tax Sheltered Annuities OMNI 403(b)

Please see the Employee Benefits Page for more information.

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