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U-E uses a 6 day schedule all year. During regular school situations, I am available at AGM on Days 2 and 4. 

This year is NOT a usual schedule. I am working remotely from home. All lessons will be from watching videos and participating with "Zoom" classes. Instruments should be practiced at home, where you can remove your masks safely.

AGM Band 


Band instruments need to be signed up for through email. The information is on a tab on this page, "Parent Information for Signing Up" and "Student Information for Signing Up". Parents and students are required to watch a video. 

Once all students have instruments and lesson books, begin learning about the instruments using the "Instrument Sidekick Book Videos" tab. This will be the main instruction for the year, with zoom meetings in or out of school to check on their work. The videos will explain how to properly take care of the instruments, and how to play them. You are allowed to start viewing them before you get the instrument and lesson book.

Home Practice:

Students are expected to practice every day at home, for usually 30 minutes a day.

Getting students to practice at the start of the year is quite easy, as children are usually excited by the new instrument they have been provided. As the year goes by, it gets a little more challenging to keep children doing the work at home. You may need to make your student practice, as sometimes you may need to make them do their homework. In the end, they will be happier with their successes.

Obviously some exceptions are okay, but the truth of learning any physical skill is that it requires daily physical repetition to achieve any degree of success. If you cannot provide adequate practice time at home, then it is best not to start band in the first place.

Band instruments are also loud and expensive. If there are noise restrictions at home, or you feel you cannot provide the safe maintenance of the instrument, it would also be best not to start band. If a student does not practice, they will not succeed. If the instrument is damaged or lost, you may be asked to pay for the equipment.

The key to success in all things is PRACTICE, and with success comes Pride and Confidence.

Have you:

  • Practiced every day?
  • Come to your classes prepared?
  • Shown loyalty to the band?

Will you:

  • Use common sense?
  • Do for others what you wish done for you?
  • Always do your best?

Attention Band Parents!

If you have not been receiving email notifications of when your child will have a lesson or band rehearsal a day in advance, please email me to let me know, and I will put you on my email lists.

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