Middle School (6th - 8th)

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Middle School (6th - 8th)

Middle Level Programs

The curriculum and instruction at the middle school level is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore their interests, develop their academic skills and hone their ability to interact socially in an appropriate manner.

Jennie F. Snapp offers a number of accelerated/enriched courses along with a variety of Technology, Music, Art, Family and Consumer Science, Health and Business courses and electives. 

The core academic program is designed to meet all state standards and to provide each student with instruction that both challenges thinking and supports success.

Accelerated Coursework
Integrated Algebra 
Students are able to gain 9th grade credit for Integrated Algebra. Upon meeting the criteria, students are able to enter accelerated math in 7th grade. In 8th grade, they will complete the work required to be eligible for the Integrated Algebra Regents Exam. Students will sit for this exam in June of their 8th grade year. Successful completion earns the students their first high school math credit.
DDP (Drawing and Design for Production) 
DDP is an entry level Project Lead the Way Course that develops problem solving and presentation skills.  Students learn the basics of technical drawing and design used in modern industry.  Successful completion of this course results in a high school credit.  In addition, students who achieve at high levels in the course may be eligible for college credit from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Foreign Language 
Students who successfully complete two years of a foreign language and who pass the proficiency in June of their 8th grade school year will receive a Level 1 high school credit, providing them with the opportunity to move into Level 2 in 9th grade.
Studio in Art 
The Studio in Art course is designed to provide a broad range of art experiences that emphasize visual perception, the development of technical skills and exploration of fundamental concepts of art and design.  Students will create inventive 2-D and 3-D artworks as they wrestle with timeless ideas, develop technique and learn about artworks from various time periods and cultures.  Students who take this course will fulfill the New York State graduation requirement for one unit of credit in the fine arts.  This class helps increase future otions for students with high levels of ability and interest in art.  Students who take the course are encouraged to enroll in Drawing during the freshman year and to consider progressing through a five-credit art sequence in high school.
Enriched Courses

Intermediate Physical Setting Science (IPS)
The IPS Course is a challenging course offered to students who have demonstrated an aptitude for science and an independent work ethic. The course topics include all topics found in the 8th grade physical science course along with many of the Regents Earth Science topics.

While this course does not culminate in a Regents exam and is not available for high school credit, students who successfully complete this program with an average of 85 or higher are the only ones who will be given the option of taking Earth Science or Biology in 9th grade.
Students are selected for this program in spring of their 7th grade year based upon a combination of 7th grade accelerated math and science averages, 6th grade final exam scores, and a teacher recommendation.

Students must be in the accelerated math program to enter IPS.

Enriched English
Enriched English is offered to students who achieve at high levels in 7th grade English and on the NYS ELA assessments.  This course offers students the opportunity to engage in reading, writing and discussion at deeper and more challenging levels.  The class helps students develop a solid foundation for honors and Advanced Placement Level courses at the high school.

New York State Assessments

Students are required to take New York State Assessments each year in Math and English Language Arts.  In addition, they must take a New York State Assessment in Science in 8th grade.  New York State requires schools to provide Academic Intervention Services to students who do not achieve proficiency on these assessments.

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