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Genocide - General Information

Genocide in the 20th Century - The History Place
Excellent source of death count statistics.

What is Genocide? - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Preventing Genocide: What is Genocide? - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Prevent Genocide International
Established in 1998 asa global education and action network for the prevention of genocide and crimes against humanity. Geographic links to current genocide information. 


Genocide in the 20th Century: Armenians in Turkey - 1915-1918 - 1,500,000 Deaths - The History Place

Armenian Genocide Research - Armenian National Institute
Monuments and memorials, photos, and chronology

Frequently Asked Questions about the Armenian Genocide

Fact Sheet: Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide - Armenian National Institute

Armenian Genocide - The Armenian Genocide Museum Institute

Q & A: Armenian Genocide Dispute

The Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire : 1915-1916
Excellent primary sources - letters, documents, etc.

Armenian Genocide History/Timeline

Armenian Genocide - University of Minnesota Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Photo Collection of Armenian Genocide Armenian Genocide Museum Institute


The Bosnian Genocide -

Genocide in the 20th Century: Bosnia/Herzegovina 1992-1995 - 200,000 Deaths - The History Place

Genocide in Bosnia (1992-1995) - Holocaust Museum Houston

Bosnian Genocide - William Mitchell College of Law

The Bosnian Genocide

Bosnia 1995 - Peace Pledge Union

Bosnian Genocide: Pictures are Worth Thousands of Words (Srebenica)

Case Study: Bosnia - Herzegovina - Gendercide Watch

Chronology - What Happened During the War in Bosnia? - Reuters

The World's Most Wanted Man: Karadzic - PBS

Karadzic Calls Himself 'Tolerant,' Says Foes Plotted Massacre - 16 October 2012 - CNN

Srebrenica: A Cry from the Grave - PBS

Death of Milosevic - BBC News Reports

Bosnian Genocide Case - Wikipedia

The International Court of Justice: Serbia, Bosnia and Genocide

General Guilty of Bosnia Genocide - BBC News - August 2001


Genocide in the 20th Century: Pol Pot in Cambodia 1975-1979 - 2,000,000 Deaths - The History Place

The Cambodian Genocide Program - Yale University

Genocide in Cambodia - Holocaust Museum Houston

Cambodian Genocide (Pol Pot) - 1975-1979 - 2,000,000 Deaths - Los Angeles Independent Media Center

From Sideshow to Genocide: Stories of the Cambodian Holocaust - Andrew Carvin

Talking about Genocide: Cambodia 1975

Learning about the Killing Fields - BBC News - March 1999

Long Wait for Killing Fields Justice - BBC News - October 2004

Khmer Rouge - The New York Times - February 2011

Statistics of Cambodian Genocide and Mass Murder: Estimates, Calculations, and Sources - Univ. of Hawaii


Second Chechnen War - Wikipedia

Currently Active Cases: Chechnya - Religious

Russia is Accused of Genocide in Chechnya - April 1996 - The Independent

Genocide of Muslims in Chechnya


Democratic Republic of the Congo - The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Second Congo War - Wikipedia

16 Years of U.S. Genocide in Congo - Centre for Research on Globalization

Democratic Republic of the Congo - Genocide Watch
Includes recent information.

Delayed UN Report Links Rwanda to Congo Genocide - The Guardian

U.N. Congo Report Offers New View on Genocide - New York Times

D.R. Congo Genocide Awareness

Democratic Republic of the Congo - United to End Genocide

UN Congo Report Offers New View on Genocide

UN Warned of  D R Congo Genocide - BBC News - May 2001

The Congo Free State Genocide: Circa 1895 to 1912 - Religious
Historical information.

Darfur, Sudan

Sudan: A Nation Divided - BBC News - January 2006

The Basic Facts about Darfur / Darfur for Dummies - Darfur Australia Network

Darfur Genocide - William Mitchell College of Law

Ten Interesting Darfur Genocide Facts - InFact Collaborative

Ten Darfur Genocide Facts

Genocide in Darfur: How the Horror Began - Sudan Tribune, 3 Sept. 2005

Darfur Genocide - Jewish World Watch

Genocide in the Darfur Region of Sudan (2004-Present) - Holocaust Museum Houston

War in Darfur

How Many Have Died in Darfur? - BBC News - February 2005

Witnessing Genocide in Sudan

Stopping Genocide: Sudan - CQ Researcher 27 August 2004 (Article from a Research Database)
Click on the Stopping Genocide article.

Sudan: The Quick and the Terrible -

Genocide Facts: Darfur

Powell Declares Genocide in Sudan - BBC News

U.S. Calls Killings in Sudan Genocide - Washington Post - Sept. 9, 2004

Slavery in Sudan - Religious

Children in Darfur Tortured and Raped - 2007

The Art of War: Children Illustrate Darfur Atrocities

Map of Africa - A Continent Exhausted by War and Famine

Darfur Information Center
Use links on the left for reports of Indigenous people, etc.

East Timor

Case Study: East Timor (1975-1979) - Gendercide Watch

East Timor: Genocide in Paradise - Cultural Survival

East Timor: U.S. Backed Genocide - February 2012

Massacre: The Story of East Timor - Democracy Now

Genocide in East Timor


The Rwandan Genocide -

Rwanda Genocide - A Short History of the Rwanda Genocide

Rwandan Genocide - William Mitchell College of Law

Genocide in the 20th Century: Rwanda 1994 - 800,000 Deaths - The History Place

Rwandan Genocide - Wikipedia

Rwanda: How the Genocide Happened - BBC News - April 2004

Timeline: 100 Days of Genocide - Rwanda - BBC News

Timeline - Rwanda - BBC News - October 2010
Includes complete chronology.

Rwanda Genocide Timeline

Witness To Evil: Roméo Dallaire and Rwanda

When Good Men Do Nothing - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Talking About Genocide/Genocides - Rwanda 1994 - Peace Pledge Union

The Triumph of Evil: How the West Ignored Warnings of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide and Turned its Back on the Victims - PBS

Ghosts of Rwanda

Rwanda: The Wake of a Genocide

Rwandan Genocide - The New York Times

Human Rights Overview - Rwanda - Human Rights Watch


Famine - Genocide in Ukraine 1932-33
Excellent source of statistics and facts.

Genocide in the 20th Century: Stalin's Forced Famine 1932-1933 7,000,000 Deaths - The History Place

Holodomor: The Famine - Genocide of Ukraine 1932-33

Ukrainian Genocide of 1932-33 - Ukrainian Genocide Famine Foundation - USA

Talking About Genocide - Genocides - Ukraine 1932

The Artificial Famine/Genocide in Ukraine 1932-33

Holodomor - Wikipedia

The Terror Genocide
Use the arrows to scroll through this multimedia exhibit.

The Great Famine-Genocide in Soviet Ukraine, 1932-1933 (Holodomor) -
Scroll through this site to see art work depicting the famine.

Seven Million Died in the 'Forgotten' Holocaust

Sharing the Story: Holodomor-The Ukrainian Famine-Genocide 1932-33
Survivor stories...


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