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Library Program Mission Statement
Union-Endicott Central School District
The mission of the Union-Endicott Central School District library program is to develop 21st century learners who are responsible, self-directed, and effective users of information and literature.

To realize this mission, the library program focuses on information literacy, technology use, and literature appreciation. School librarians actively collaborate with other members of the learning community to ensure that quality collection of vital materials, media, and tools is available and meaningfully integrated into teaching and learning.
Library Information
Library Staff
Miss Roehm - School Librarian
Mrs. Harmon - Teaching Assistant (Day 2)
Mrs. Lavo - Senior Library Clerk (Day 4 and Day 6)
How Many Books Can I Check Out?

Kindergarten & 1st Grade - One book each Library cycle
2nd Grade & 3rd Grade - Two books each Library cycle
4th Grade & 5th Grade - Three books each Library cycle

Questions about book exchange     
*Can I keep a book I haven't finished reading?

Yes, you can renew it. Renewing a book means you check it out again for another week.

*What do I do if I want to borrow a book but it is already checked out?  

You can put it on hold. Putting a book on hold means when the book is returned to the library, your name will pop up and let us know you want to borrow it.

*What happens if I forget to return my library books?

If you have forgotten to return your library books, they are overdue .
If your books are overdue for more than three weeks, you will receive a reminder notice in your classroom, or if the library staff has time, you will receive a reminder notice during your library class time. Students may also receive an reminder letter at home.

*What happens if I loose or damage my library books?

Patrons are responsible for lost or damaged books. The library can accept checks made out to UECSD or you may purchase the replacement book yourself and bring that in for us to catalog. If a lost book turns up after you have paid for it, the district would be happy to reimburse your money.
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