Earth Science

Voice Recognition

Earth Science

History of Astronomy

Section Heading (12 pt)

Web Site Title - Organization (10 pt)

Project 1 – Ancient Greece 


Introduction To Science

  • Background of major contributions of ancient civilizations to science



·Biography of his life and some contributions to science

·Aristotle’s major contributions to science




·Short bio on this life and contributions



  • brief history of his life and major accomplishments

  • Cosmos – Carl Sagan – determining the circumference of the Earth



The Library of Alexandria

  • Brief history of the library and in-depth description of its destruction

  • Cosmos – Carl Sagan – discusses the great contributions of the library

  • Wikipedia – history section



  • General background of his life and inventions

  • Demonstration of Archimedes Screw

  • Read only the first 7 paragraphs about buoyancy

  • “Death Ray” description and discussion about the truth of its creation/use








Project 2 – Heliocentric Model



  • First person to propose the heliocentric model



  • Bio and contributions to science

  • History of the development of the heliocentric model

  • Retrograde motion explained by geo and heliocentric model


Project 3 – Laws of Planetary Motion


Tycho Brache

  • Bio of his life and his contributions to astronomy


Johannes Kelper

  • Bio of his life and a brief overview of his contributions to astronomy

  • Description of Laws of Planetary Motion




Project 4 – Galileo

·Short biography of life

·Detailed biography of life

·Description of his major contributions to science

·Information about the Galilean Moons

·Life on Europa?



Project 5 – Isaac Newton


Isaac Newton

  •  A brief general background on his life and major accomplishments

  • detailed account of Newton’s major contributions to science

  • Newton’s Life

  • Law of Universal Gravitation

  • Newton’s First Law

  • Newton’s Second Law

  • Newton’s Third Law


Project 6 – Einstein

  • Bio of his life and major contributions

  • Simple explanation of GeneralTheory of Relativity

  • Nova Video explaining General Theory of Relativity

  • Nova video – life of Einstein

  • Nova video – Space Time (watch chapter 3)



Project 7 – Expanding Universe

·Biography and contribution to science

·Information on the expanding universe

·Describes how distance to stars is calculated

·The Doppler Effect

·Explanation of absorption spectrum and red-shift

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