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Q & A on Bullying Prevention
Below is information about the programs, policies, and services in place at Union-Endicott to support anti-bullying and conflict resolution.  
  • Does U-E have an anti-bullying program in place?  Yes, we have trained faculty and staff in Olweus Anti-Bullying, and currently in Restorative Practices. Restorative Practices is a proactive approach to prevent conflicts, as it helps students build relationships, understand different points of view, and solve conflicts in and outside of the classroom.  With Restorative Practices, it is important that all voices are heard.  
  • Where can I learn more about Restorative Practices?  Click here to see an article on Restorative Practices in the most recent Tiger TREND:  Tiger Trends Oct 2022 DCMO 3 final.pdf (uek12.org) 
  • Does U-E have policies to address anti-bullying and harassment of students and staff?  Yes, our policies can be found on the website.  Just click the link, and then search keywords:   Board of Education (uek12.org) 
  • What is the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)?  New York State has provided a framework for how schools respond to negative behavior.  DASA calls for the protection of students from harassment, bullying or discrimination by employees or other students.  The aim is to foster social interaction among students to maintain a safe learning environment for all students.
  • Who do we tell about suspected incidents of bullying?  The building principals at U-E are DASA Coordinators, and each year, they are trained in investigating reports of harassment, bullying or discrimination in their buildings.  If your child attends a BOCES program, reports of bullying should be provided to the teachers and principals at BOCES.  They will collaborate with our principals if additional disciplinary steps are needed.
  • Is there a reporting system to address conflicts?  Students and parents can report a suspected incident either verbally or in writing to the principal, or they may use the reporting system on the webpage of each school building.  The reporting system is available to report conflicts and other issues that can arise between students:  Sprigeo - Report School Safety Threats and Bullying
  • How is an investigation conducted?  Both the accused and the complainants, along with any witnesses, will be interviewed.  While there is no legal timeline as to how long any one investigation should take to complete, it is in the best interest of all parties that an investigation will be prompt, thorough and accurate.  If disciplinary action is taken against the accused, details may not be shared with the complainant or community at large.  New York State Education Law protects the confidentiality of all students, including those found guilty of wrongdoing.
  • In the past year, how has the district continued to support the social-emotional needs of students?  For the 2022-23 school year, the District has hired additional social workers, community school coordinators, safety officers, restorative practice coaches and school resource officers in our schools.  Also, the new Family Support Center is available to address the needs of students and families in our community, including counseling supports.  Please call 607-757-2501 to contact the center coordinator.
Please contact your child’s principal or the District Office if you have specific questions regarding any of these programs, policies, or services listed above.

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