Ann G. McGuinness Elementary School (Grades K-5)
1301 Union Center-Maine Highway
607-757-2127 (Fax) 
School Starts at 7:55
School Ends at 2:25
PTA Events
PTA Talent Show - April 12 @ 6:00
PTA Meeting - April 13 @ 2:45 (Library) 
PTA WEIRD/PARP incentive reward to Rumble Ponies - April 30 (AGM Day)
PTA Meeting -  May 18 @ 6:00 (Library) 
PTA Art Show/Ice Cream Social -  May 31 @ 6:00 
Important Dates

K to Anderson Center - March 22  
Gr 2 to UEHS "Rock of Ages" - March 23 @ 9:45 
*Full Day of School - March 23
NYS ELA (3rd-5th) - March 28 - 30  
Family Night: Math & Movement - April 4 @ 5:00
Parent/Teacher Conferences - April 6: dismissal @ 10:45 
Early Release - April 11 @ 12:25  
PTA Talent Show - April 12 @ 6:00  
PTA Meeting - April 13 @ 2:45  
Spring Break -  April 14 - 20
*Full Day of School - April 21  
WEIRD/PARP incentive reward to Rumble Ponies -        April 30 (AGM Day)  
*Full Day of School - May 26 

Principal's Message





The NYS English Language Arts (ELA) exam will be administered on March 28 - 30 at Ann G. McGuinness School for grades 3 through 5. The reading passages selected for the 2015 ELA tests will assess whether students can comprehend and analyze a range of informational and literary texts. Common informational texts include textbooks, magazine articles, essays, interviews, memoirs, recipes, editorial pieces, training manuals, and biographies/autobiographies.

Short response questions will ask students to take a position, make a claim or draw a conclusion and then support it with details. Extended response questions will ask students to analyze texts and address meaningful questions using details from the text. A student’s extended response will be scored on evidence, organization, analysis, and conventions. Short and extended response questions will be scored using rubrics provided by the state.




NYS Mathematics exam will be administered May 2 - 4 at Ann G. McGuinness School for grades 3-5. The exam will be composed of three sections for each grade level.

The format of the test at each grade level will contain multiple-choice, short-response, and extended response questions. For the short response questions, students will be required to complete a task and show their work. For extended response questions, students will be required to complete two or more tasks or solve a more extensive problem.



  • Please make sure that your child arrives at school on time and has no appointments on the test dates. This is always the best practice, but it becomes very important at testing time.

  • Please be sure that your child is well rested. Going to bed early and having breakfast before the test will help your child be at his or her very best.

  • Encourage your child to do his or her very best because the test is important, but not to worry about the test. We know that when children are worried, they have more difficulty showing what they know and can do.

Students have been working on all of the skills and concepts that are evaluated with these assessments. We are proud of our teachers and staff for their hard work in preparing our students for success.


Thank you for partnering with us. Instilling confidence in your child to do their best is the greatest thing you can do!



MARCH 28 - 30 STARTING 8:10



MAY 2 - 4 STARTING 8:10




Timothy J. Lowie                   Julie Lamuraglia

Principal                                 Assistant Principal

Hello Parents and Guardians!

I am so excited to be part of the AGM community.  The culture of the school is one of commitment and passion for helping all children learn and become productive citizens. 

I believe that attendance in school is one of the most important factors in a student’s success in school.  Sometimes it is difficult to motivate your child to get out of bed and get ready for school 180 days of the year.  As a mother of three children, I understand this reality.  Yet, if a child misses five or more days a year, they are more likely to fall behind their peers, feel uneasy about school and possibly even not graduate from high school.  It can snowball from a small problem in elementary school to a big problem as the child gets older. 

I want to help you if you are having difficulty getting your child up and going in the morning.  I can call them in for a conference, set up an attendance chart or find a unique solution that fits the needs of your child.

If you feel that your student is a victim of bullying, please let a school adult know immediately.  We have ongoing class meetings on this topic and adults in the school have been trained to take bullying accusations very seriously.  They will react immediately to investigate and rectify the situation.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Call me at 757-2131 (school) or 624- 1746 (cell) or email me at


Julie Lamuraglia

Assistant Principal

What's Happening at AGM
AGM Library Night Out
This year’s third AGM Library Night Out Mystery theme was “A Movie Star Mystery.”  
AGM BOE Recognition
At its regular meeeting, the Board of Education recognized students and staff for their hard work and efforts at AGM. 
Legos, creativity teach responsibility
At AGM, K-5 students are learning that combining creativity and imagination can help teach responsibility and the importance of school community.  
Students dive into Makerspace
Thanks to a generous grant from the UEEF, the AGM library, coordinated by librarian Carrie Potter, now has its own makerspaces center for first- through fifth-grade students focusing on STEM, reading and writing.  
AGM hits a home run with reading
AGM kicked off its PARP/WEIRD program with a homerun! Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) and We Enjoy Individual Reading Daily (WEIRD) are annual PTA-sponsored programs that aim to increase daily reading for all AGM students. 
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