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Reading is my Super power!!

May 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Research tells us that if students don’t read throughout the summer, they can lose up to three months of learning. In order to prevent this from happening, we created a reading incentive program that will motivate all of our AGM students.

During the ten weeks of summer, we are challenging each student to read a total of 1,000 minutes. This is may sound like a lot, but it actually is only 20 minutes a day, five days a week during those ten weeks!

The younger kids can make this time a combination of reading and being read to by an older child or an adult. We do expect the older students to complete this reading themselves.

Recording the number of minutes is easy! On the back of this paper is a calendar that your student can use to record the minutes that are read each day. At the end of the summer, add up the minutes, sign the paper and send it in to school during the first week of school. Your child’s picture and biography will be posted on an AGM “Super Hero Portrait Wall of Fame” and he/she will receive an exclusive ‘Reading is my Super Power’ t-shirt.

As we head toward the end of the year, we would like to get each student and their parents/guardian to commit to doing this challenge. The first class in every grade level to have every student commit to doing the challenge will get a popcorn party with toppings galore! The ‘commitment paper’ is attached to this one. Just rip it off, sign it and send it in!

There are also reading challenges on, at Barnes and Noble and the local libraries. Prizes and books can be won for participating in these as well.

Thank you so much for your support in this endeavor! Please make reading a priority this summer so that your student can fly up, up and away!

Thank You!!

Mr. Lowie, Mrs. Lamuraglia and the Super AGM Staff

Reading is My Super Power Commitment Form
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PTA Art Show/Ice Cream Social -  May 31 @ 6:00 
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Gr 3 to Anderson Center - May 25
*Full Day of School - May 26 
No School (Memorial Day) - May 29 
Gr 4 to Albany - May 30
PTA Art Show/Ice Cream Social - May 31 @ 6:00
Gr 4 NYS Science Assessment - May 31 - June 2 
Gr 2 to Bement Billings - June 2 
Gr 4 NYS Science Assessment - June 5 
Gr 2 to Animal Adventure - June 7
Gr 4 Concert - June 7 @ 1:30 & 6:30
Gr 5 Concert - June 7 @ 1:30 & 7:15 
Gr 5 to Hope Lodge - June 8
1/2 day of School - June 9, 10:45 dismissal
Gr 5 to JFS Orientation - June12 
1/2 day of School - June 16, 10:45 dismissal
Gr 5 Moving Up Ceremony - June 22 @ 8:30 
1/2 day of School - June 23, 10:45 dismissal (Last day of School)

Principal's Message


As much as teachers love summer vacation, panic sets in as they pack up the classrooms and send the children off during those three lazy months of fun in the sun. They think,
  • “What if they never pick up a book?

  • They were so close in learning all their math facts. Will they forget them?

  • We’ve worked so diligently teaching skills and the kids have learned so much.

  • What if when they return in September and they have forgotten what they learned?”


The loss of skills during the summer is known as “The Summer Slide” in the educational world. It is very real. Research has proven that if a child does not read, write or practice math facts, he or she can lose up to two and half months of learning in one summer and this loss can accumulate each summer that skills are not practiced.

So, what is the answer? It is simple. We must ensure that our children have books in their hands. Listed below there are many no-cost ways of not only eliminating summer reading loss, but actually accelerating learning over the summer.

  • Complete the AGM Summer Reading Challenge! Keep track of the minutes that are read on the calendar provided. Turn in the calendar in September to win an awesome prize and recognition as a “Reading Super Hero!” Additional recording papers that can be printed off can be found on the AGM tab of the UE website.

  • Visit your local library! Help your child find “right fit books. Right fit books are books that are of high interest to your child and are not beyond their reading level. You can use the five finger test to determine if the book is too difficult for your child. Open the book to a page with many words. Have your child begin reading the text. Hold up a finger for each word he/she does not know. If you have 4 or 5 fingers up, the text may be too difficult for your child to read independently. Feel free to still check out the book! It just may be a book you want to read with your child.

  • Be sure your child reads at least 20 minutes a day. According to research, a child who reads only 1 minute a day outside of school will learn 8,000 words by the end of sixth grade where a student who reads 20 minutes outside of school will learn 1,800,000 words! That’s huge! If reading isn’t one of your child’s top priorities, you may need to set up an incentive program.



  • These “Mark My Time” book marks can be found at Walmart. They can be a great motivator to ensure that your child reads at least 20 minutes a day. If your child already enjoys reading, you probably wouldn’t need to use this. We want children to read for the pure enjoyment of reading. Some children just need a little bit more structure and incentive.

  • Set a good example. When your child sees you reading and enjoying a book or a newspaper article, you are sending a message that reading is important and valuable.

  • Read to your child. When you read to your child, he/she hears the rhythm of language. Be sure to read with expression! Changing your voice for the different characters in the story and increasing volume for exciting parts are only a few ways to make reading interesting.

  • Read with your child. You explore different types of reading like poetry. For our little ones, poetry is great way to improve phonemic awareness skills as poetry often incorporates rhyme. For our older children, poetry is a means improving fluency. There are also some great poetry books for two voices that are really fun to read.

  • Read for different purposes. Reading directions for a recipe or directions for assembling a toy are fun ways to incorporating reading.

  • Games with Words. There are tons of ways to have fun learning letters and sight words.

  • If you have an iPad, try downloading a few interactive books. There are also lots of reading games that keep children engaged.

  • Don’t forget writing! Use a notebook that can decorated and written in as a journal, to write recipes, create stories or write informational reports on animals, places or people that are visited during these summer months.

  • Math facts! Have your child review the facts that were learned in the school year so that he/she can continue to build that fact fluency!


Please enjoy the summer and this opportunity to promote reading within your family!

Mr. Tim Lowie, Mrs. Lamuraglia and Your AGM Family

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